October! October!

I really like resolutions. I make them at every occasion – I have summer resolutions, semester resolutions, New Year’s resolutions – I just think they’re such a great way to accomplish my goals! The problem, though, is that sometimes resolutions are set for too long a time. Think about it – everyone keeps their New Year’s resolutions until close to the end of January right? And then they’re gone.

My solution is to make a new resolution every month. I mean, if the average resolution only lasts a month, why not either renew that resolution at the month mark, or make a new one?


So, it’s October the first! It’s foggy outside, the sky is white-ish grey and gloomy – it’s the perfect day for a good resolution.

For the month of October, I’ve decided that I really want to work on creating the optimal work environment. You guys don’t know me that well, so you haven’t really visited my room, but I can tell you right now: it’s a mess. Books everywhere,  clothes tossed haphazardly about. It’s not a good work environment, and really doesn’t help my productivity at all!

The goal is to sort through, and figure out how I can be the most productive in my own space – wish me luck!



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