Television and My First 5K!

The problem with research papers is that you need the internet to write your paper, because you need to research as you go. At the same time, though, there are about a million and eight things on the internet just waiting to distract you from actually doing that research. I’ve watched a lot of television episodes lately. I’ve watched Full House, Friends, Modern Family, The Mindy Project, New Girl, and assorted others. I love sitcoms, and it’s so easy to zone out in front of them, and resurface hours later!

I realized that if I really want to maximize productivity (which is, after all, my goal for the month) I need to stop watching television. 

So, from now on, I get two hours of television a week. 

This total includes everything but television watched for class (every so often I’m assigned a documentary to watch) and exercise videos. Other than these two things, though, I won’t be watching any television for a while, at least until I really start focusing on the things I actually really need to be doing! 

In other news, I ran a 5K today! I mean, sort of – the only appropriate term for what I did is “frolic,” but I made it to the end, so hooray! A few friends and I ran “Color Me Rad” which is basically where you run around, and people through colored powder at you. We went all out too – we had tutus, and we were prepared to make the most of it! There’s still powder in my ear, after two showers, which I’m taking as sign that we succeeded. It was so fun letting myself be a kid for a few hours – I got covered in colored corn starch, and it was glorious!

I had a great time, and while I’m hoping that my next 5K will be an actual run, this wasn’t a bad one to start out on! 



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