That hippie life

So I’m kind of a wellness junkie – I like it when things are organic. I like it when they have small and simple lists of ingredients. I love to make my own salads, which mainly involve lots of raw bits tossed together in combinations you wouldn’t expect. And most of all (OF ALL) I love to make my own beauty products.

I should add that I’m a pretty zitty person – my face used to look like a pizza all the time. I tried all sorts of strange and exotically named chemicals to get rid of the acne, and nothing ever worked. So finally, I decided to go fully hippie on the whole beauty regimen. While I still buy my make-up commercially, most of my daily practices are all natural.

This was about three months ago, and the journey hasn’t been the smoothest ever. There was some trial and error. I discovered along the way that rose water (which is theoretically supposed to act as a natural astringent) actually gives me blackheads. I discovered that you need to use exact concentrations of ingredients when mixing beauty products, and that the concentrations are different for every person. So, while I could read about a woman who used “x”¬†amounts of baking soda in “y” amounts of water, I actually need “f” amounts of baking soda in “t” amounts of water.

Along the way, I’ve had unreasonable amounts of dandruff. I’ve broken out quite a few times. I’ve wound up with supremely oily skin AND supremely dry skin. There was a solid one month period where my hair was always gross in some way. It took forever for my hair to acclimate to a new regimen, especially since I had to balance hair washes with workouts.

In the end though, I can honestly say that my skin (and hair, and body) are a lot happier for me efforts! So, over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be sharing the recipes that worked, and those that didn’t.

I’ll probably also share my favorite recipes and workouts at some point, although that may take a while! Dorm living and cooking aren’t quite as compatible as I would like!


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