Woulda Coulda Shoulda

So when I first told my mother about my Teach For America offer, she lamented the fact that was in Arkansas. Then, when I told her that I had been assigned secondary science, she vehemently said that I could not do it. It was actually pretty funny, to be honest – I called and told her, and her FIRST reaction was that I didn’t have a chance at teaching science. And then we talked for about five more minutes, and she told me that honestly I could do whatever I wanted to do, but she didn’t think I would be happy teaching science. So, not a bad parent, just blisteringly honest at times.

But anyway, her first instinct was to tell me that I absolutely could not do that job. That in fact, I should abandon all pretenses of finding a job and just go straight to law school. So I thought about it, and at the time I was still at the point in my own internal thoughts where I was pretty sure I was going to accept. And I made a really conscious decision to make this decision without over thinking her initial reaction. So, I basically ignored it, and continued on with my decision making.

Well, after I made my decision to turn it down, I received a phone call from her, and thought “hey, I should probably tell my mom I made a really big life changing decision!” So I tell her that I’ve turned my offer down, and that I realized that it just wasn’t what I wanted, and she immediately says “What? WHY? It’s what you always wanted, and you would have been so good at it!”


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