I just need a time-turner.

Every so often, an event happens that sends you deep into hibernation. You wear your pajamas for days, refuse to change regardless of the occasion, and make it your life goal to not wear a bra for as long as humanly possible (current win streak? FOUR DAYS.) Then you attend a meeting in these clothes, then a friend’s birthday party, and finally sit down to get ready for classes again.

You take a minute to pull yourself together, consider washing your hair, then reject the possibility altogether.

This year, this event was two snow days in a row – in college. For others in college, I’m sure this will sound similarly bizarre. Colleges don’t close unless the school is literally burning down, and sometimes not even then. This time, however, the weather advisory suggested that we could all fall apart walking to class. We were going to be frostbitten zombies by the time we arrived, and since only fifty percent of on campus students had actually made it to campus the night before class was scheduled to start, the University decided to cancel classes.

As one might not guess, campus was a shitshow. Everyone was drunk or high for a while there, but now we’ve all been forced to pull ourselves out of whatever we had immersed ourselves in (in my case, it was sitcoms and junk food).

So I’m writing this post after thoroughly blowing it off yesterday (IT WAS SUB – ARCTIC TEMPERATURES. IT WAS LEGIT.) And I realized that in the past forty eight hours, I have studied a tiny bit, watched a ton of Gilmore Girls, and generally done nothing with my time. And just think how much more productive I would have been if I had allotted even a couple of those hours to study, or research, or any number of things I probably should have been doing.

Of course, as the time was being spent, I didn’t consider my productivity at all. But now, looking back, I sort of wish I had. How would my life be different if I had spent more time being productive? I’m not sure, but I’m going to try to consider that in the future WHILE I’m wasting time, rather than afterwards, when nothing can be done about it!


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