Have you ever had an awful 24 hours? Things just continuously go wrong, and as you try to move forward, and leave the awfulness behind, it feels as though some unseen and sadistic force persists in pulling you back.

Yesterday morning I woke up sick, and resolved to spend the day in bed. I gargled enough salt water to pickle my uvula, read a book, and watched television for three hours, when I got a call from a friend who had sprained her ankle and needed to get to the emergency room. So I borrow another friend’s car, and I take her to the emergency room, and drop her off so that I can come back for a meeting that my team insisted we have. We spoke for maybe ten minutes before disbanding.

Then, as I’m about to begin running another meeting, my friend calls letting me know she needs a ride home from the ER, and so I convince another friend to take the car and pick her up. And the car won’t start. We get another car and put gas in it, but by that time, my friend was tired of waiting in the ER and had taken a cab home.

I finally get home at 1230 after finishing the meeting, trying to jump start the car, and waiting for the tow truck. I resolve to put the strugs behind me and make myself a cup of hot tea while I read my assignments. I promptly spill hot tea on myself and my bed, and have to get a blow dryer out to dry the sheets until I get a chance to wash them (thank god I hadn’t added honey!) I finish this and go to bed, and resolve to wake up in the morning and do better. I almost do it too! I wake up in a timely manner, do my hair (sort of), get to class, and as I’m leaving class realize that my phone isn’t in the pocket where I had kept it.

It’s been three hours now, and I still cannot locate this phone. Someone somewhere has decided that I need to be the butt of their cosmic joke, and I am not pleased.


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