February Test Anxiety

I don’t know where you guys are, but I awoke this February 1st to a flurry  of snow outside my window. My LSAT it one week away (exactly. one. week.) and I’ve been freaking out like, mad crazy. I can’t focus on anything, and I’m so worried about this exam, it’s putting all previous cases of test anxiety to shame. Why is the LSAT so daunting? Especially when I’m not even sure I want to go to law school?

I’ve started making post graduation plans, and really exploring all my options, and I’m just not sure where my life is right now, and this LSAT and I are in a staring contest,  and I blink first EVERY TIME. In addition to that, I’ve felt like I was going to faint so many times over the past couple of days, and I’m pretty sure it’s a reaction to this stress I’m putting on myself. The thing is that I’m rarely nervous about exams. While I do pressure myself to do well, I rarely have this all-consuming anxiety haunting me. So, today, I’m going to do some yoga. I’m going to drink some hot tea. I’m going to continue reading about LSAT strategy, and I’m going to remind myself that this is just a test.

Sure, it’s a big test. But at the end of the day, it’s still just a test. It doesn’t have the power to define my future the way I imagine it does, and I think that as long as I remember that, I’m going to be just fine.


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