May your keyboard never falter

It’s over! It’s over! At least for now!

Last Saturday, I took the LSAT, and then I took myself to a yoga class! (I was a hot date! Get it? Cuz it was hot yoga.) And when I came home, I was confronted with four loads of laundry. That’s a lot of clothes – that’s a lot of shirts, pants, and sweaters, certainly far too many clothes for one person. And the worst part, at least to me, was that I probably had at least two or three more loads in my drawers. I don’t want to be redundant, but I seriously do not need that many outfits.

The rest of my week has been pretty normal though; yesterday, I submitted a script that I wrote for a show my school puts on every year about oppression in our society, and I’m really excited about it. While I’m not certain it will get picked – I am sure there are many writers here far more talented than I – I have my fingers crossed. I just know it would be an amazing feeling to see someone acting based on a script I wrote.

The simplest reason for why this blog has been neglected these past few weeks is that I haven’t been able to finish a post. I’ve found myself jumping around randomly, from task to task without any notion of completion. In fact, when I started this post, I was directly in the middle of sending an email.

Does that ever happen to you? You’re normally on an even keel, but every so often you seem to be a little off. Tasks you normally enjoy are suddenly taxing ordeals, and sitting down for fifteen straight minutes seems like a massive chore. I wound up watching a lot of television and squeezing homework into the times when I was not. I think part of it is just that I was looking forward to the LSAT in the sort of way that it had become my whole life. And suddenly it disappeared, and it was like my world had lost its center. All gravitational forces exerted upon my little earth by its sun ceased to exist, and I was bounding along through space, with nary a sun to pull me into its orbit.

I am clearly not a science major. But I think I get plus points for that analogy!

In any case, today is the day I try and change that. I’ve awoken early, I’m at a coffee shop, and I’m clearly typing fairly efficiently. And I hope that you also have the type of productive morning that I am looking forward to having myself! May your thoughts flow smoothly and quickly, and your keyboard never falter!


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