On to your heads!

If you are a sufferer of chronic acne, raise your hand.

If you have tried every acne product or home remedy known to man, raise your hand again.

Now, raise your hand if you’ve tried standing on your head to remedy the problem.

I bet that last phrase has significantly fewer hands than the two previous ones, and with good reason – it’s not really a remedy that has been lauded by western medicine. But I grew up in a family where we used holistic cures for everything. When I’m sick, I drink lemon and honey tea. I breathe in vapors from Vicks Vapo-rub, and dump ginger into everything. Everything.

So when my mom heard that standing on your head – Sirsasana for the yogis in the house – could help remedy skin problems, she pushed me to start. The idea is that by inverting your body, you’re delivering additional flows of oxygen to your face, thereby enabling your skin to better heal itself. While you can do this at any time of the day for results, experience has indicated that doing it early in the morning before you eat is really best for your skin!

So, how exactly do you get there? The first step is to have a padded floor and a wall – I’ve found that a pillow, carpet, and yoga mat are all effective. Just lay your soft surface against the wall. Then, kneel on your knees and rest your forearms on the floor, with your hands clasped. Your clasped hands should be roughly six inches from the wall, and you should be facing wall.

Lower your head until it rests between your forearms, and start moving onto your feet. Move your feet up towards your hands until they’re almost off of the floor. At this point, kick off gently and invert yourself! Use the wall to steady yourself and make sure you don’t fall. Press into your arms and hands to keep the pressure off of your head, neck, and spine, and hang out for a while. The view is great :)

As you get more comfortable, you can also leave the wall behind and start stabilizing yourself without it – just be careful and keep your spine supported at all times.

My first few days were pretty rough – I could barely get upside down, and I kept rolling sideways when I did! With some patience though, I found that it really was effective – and sort of fun!

Keep in mind that this is not a cure – it’s an ongoing solution. You will likely only see changes after a month or so, and it took three month for my acne to disappear fully! If you stop for more than a month or so, your acne will come back after a couple of months. It’s a system for maintenance, a holistic approach to ensuring that your acne goes away, and not a panacea.

So if you’re ready to try a hippie health cure for the acne that’s plagued your face since the dawn of puberty,  give this one a try, and let me know what you think!


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