Onward and Upward?

Whoa baby, it’s been a while! To be honest, I haven’t really been feeling like updating lately. A lo-o-ot of cool things happened in the past month and a half (!!!) that I’ve neglected this blog, but for some reason the general bittersweet feeling of graduation overshadowed everything.

That’s right – I graduated from college. On May 3rd, I woke up late, hurriedly did my hair, donned a cap and gown, and walked across a stage to receive a facsimile of my diploma. And I didn’t really have an “OMG I’m Graduating” crisis or anything like that. But there’s been a sense of melancholy pervading my thoughts on it. I suppose part of it is because I feel like a kite that’s been cut loose – school has always structured my life. If my life were a body, school has been the skeleton. And now it’s gone, really suddenly, and I’m just a puddle of skin and blood and organs. Admittedly, invertebrates can do some really cool things, and I know that I should take advantage of this opportunity, and do cool new things.

I’m really going to miss college; I wouldn’t say it was the best years of my life, because I hope that my life will only continue to improve, but it was a pretty good time. I got this shimmering chance to study, and live closely with other people, and I’ve developed so many relationships over my time in college.

I’m ready to move on though. College was great, but four years is a long time to do one thing; I’m ready for new challenges and adventures. I just need to figure out what.


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