Accountability Baby!

So for the month of June, I decided I was going to complete a fitness challenge. I had it all planned out; I was going to do one of the ubiquitous ab challenges floating around on the internet, and try to whip my midsection into shape. Through a series of mishaps, and a mania that has overtaken me regarding my LSAT next week (that’s right, I’m retaking it!) I completely failed to start on the challenge at all, and am now sitting here typing this on June 5th, or Day 5 of the challenge.

But since this isn’t a group challenge, I’m just going to join it tomorrow – better late than never, right? So from tomorrow through the end of June, I’m going to participate in this ab challenge, in a quest for actual abs.

Currently, whatever muscle I may or may not have is hidden beneath a generous layer of…goop. It’s time to start working out again! Since I absolutely refuse to set a rigorous “diet” for myself, I just have to focus on eating the right things in the right quantities. In the place of traditional calorie counting and weight obsessing, I’ll be reading ingredients lists and hitting up healthy whole foods, instead of food that’s had the life and love processed right out of it, and trying to make that a permanent thing, rather than a temporary thing.

In addition to that, I’ll also be blogging once a day for the rest of June. THAT’S RIGHT. I’m hitching a ride on this wagon.  I’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for the rest of the month, so it’ll be a minor miracle if I manage it. However, I think it could be worth a shot, and it would definitely hold me accountable to my fitness challenge, since who better to report your successes to than the internet?



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