It’s still June 7th

Today marked the third day of my self imposed challenge, and I want to take today to point out that all of these posts look like they’re published the day after I publish them. So, while the time stamp says June 8th, it’s 1 AM on June 8th, and I have not yet slept, so I’m speaking for June 7th. And I mean, this is common for me. Basically the idea is that I have to write a post before I sleep, so I’m just giving myself a 2 AM cutoff and calling it good. So this is the post I’ve got for June 7th, and it’s my fourth day of posting, and my third of doing ab workouts, and can I just say, writing posts is a lot easier than doing crunches.

I mean, I knew I was out of shape – it’s not something I’m ignorant of, and I’ve been trying to move about a little more to remedy this problem. But then I had to fight to hit a thirty second plank, and I realized just how out of shape I really am. Where have my abs gone? I used to have some muscle somewhere, but it appears to have left me for a younger, brighter woman who exercises more.

And I mean, obviously part of the problem is cheese (I LOVE CHEESE), and the other part is probably my consumption of carb-heavy beverages this past semester (MMM), but the biggest part of the problem is that I don’t know how to do multiple things at once. If I’m studying, I suddenly have no time to work out – and it goes the other way too. If I’m working out, I’m suddenly neglecting all the other things in my life.

And this inability to be productive intellectually and physically at the same time is the reason I’ve imposed this challenge on myself. It may seem simple to many – writing and working out for about half an hour a day is not a lot – but it’s really not something I’ve ever been able to do successfully.

So June is my month! And also, the time stamp on this post is wrong. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still June 7th.


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