I missed a day! I missed a day!

I realized that to stop this sort of thing from happening, I really should have established some sort of punishment – apparently, I’m not at the stage in my moral development were I can just hold myself accountable. I need real consequences. Because pretty much what happened is I took the LSAT, and it took 5.5 hours. So I called my friend, and we went out, and I got NOTHING ELSE DONE. We tried and failed to watch How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. And that’s pretty much it, before we fell asleep.

But if there were some accountability measure – if I had thought “if I do not do this post Something Very Bad will happen” then I probably would have written one prior to the going out, or perhaps prior to the LSAT.

So from now on, if I fail to post a day in June, I don’t get to eat any sweets for the next three days! Who says fitness and writing can’t go together? No one?



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