The Bermudez Triangle {Book Review}

This is another book that I picked up a while ago that I decided to give another try this week, and I am so glad I did – it really made me realize the sort of prejudices I had as a freshman in high school, and while I’m a little embarrassed, I’m also glad I had an opportunity to see how far I’ve come.

So The Bermudez Triangle is written by Maureen Johnson, and is about three girls who are friends, and their discovery of their sexualities and love interests, but really it’s about their friendship. And their friendship is sort of turned upside down by all of their love lives, and when I first started reading this book when I was 11 or 12, I put it down almost immediately. And reading it again, now, I can see easily why I did; I was a homophobe. And maybe I still am, maybe I’ll look back in 10 years and think the same thing I’m thinking now. But the thing is, back then, I didn’t want to read about two women in a romantic relationship. I just wasn’t interested. I embodied the “it’s all right for others…” mindset.

While I accepted gay people as being part of the world, and, if I recall correctly, affirmed their right to equal protections and everything, I didn’t fully see them as a part of my world. They were there, but separate – something I could easily ignore if I had a mind to (which, it’s clear from this re-reading, I did). It’s just something interesting that I noticed as I was reading this book, and that brings me to the review itself.

This is a good book. It’s a book that a person of any age can read and relate to, with strong themes and a great plot. The characters are fabulous and flawed, and the writing is never unwieldy, yet always intelligent and entertaining. The biggest reason this novel is a must-read, though, is the emotional connection it builds with the reader. This book accomplishes what every book aspires to do – it is on some level emotionally compelling to every person out there. It isn’t a girl book or a guy book or an any type in particular book.

It’s just a really good book, and I’ve already recommended it to my brother and his friends, and now I recommend it to you.



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