I am not alone, and neither are you

So i’ve been scrolling through HONY pages, and on a lot of them there are people who say “my mom or dad did x, so I did y.” And it got me thinking how we are all a collection of others. We develop the character traits of the people we admire, we inherit some others, admirable or otherwise. Physically, we’re influenced by our genes, we follow the diets of our parents, and follow the exercise regimens Dr. Oz suggests.

None of us is original – we are all a conglomeration of bits and pieces that came from other people. And people take bits from us as well, without knowing that we got them from somewhere else – they read what we read, or take our music recommendations, and suddenly, their music taste has yours mixed into it.

Wherever we go, we take our communities with us – maybe bits and pieces, but the memorable bits and pieces that we imbibed into ourselves. Depending on the people in our communities this can be good or bad, but ultimately there are things we can’t erase, traits that are written on us indelibly.

And when we pass our traits on, the recipients won’t realize we got them from someone else, but we’re all connected by these common traits we imitated and pilfered and inherited. It’s encouraging to me, because people so often feel alone, or isolated – but all we need to do to remind ourselves of the people who are with us is look inwards. A quick look at ourselves yields a Picasso painting of all of the people that have passed through our lives and left something of themselves behind.


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