To Have and To Hold {Book Review}

To Have and To Hold, by Jane Green, is a marvelous book. It’s written in a really unique style that I appreciate – it’s third person narration, and is consistently set in the present. It’s almost like the narrator is watching something with me, and telling me about it as we watch. Personally, I found that this specific writing style really helped me visualize the characters and their actions a little bit more clearly.

The story is pretty simple: woman is married to cheating husband, has no idea. The thing that really makes this book stand out is the fact that it’s entirely character driven; while there is certainly a plot, it takes a backseat to the characters themselves. It’s an old story, and one that’s been told multiple times. But this unique take on it is entertaining and flies by, and as time passes, you find that not one of the characters is perfect. All of them are flawed (fatally so) and their relationships are more than worth following through to the end.

This reader gives To Have and To Hold an enthusiastic thumbs up. On a scale of one to the sun, this book is somewhere near Mercury. Definitely worth checking out at your local library!


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