I Hope You Are Finally Free

Yesterday, I grieved for my captain; my genie who made all my wishes come true. I mourned the passing of the influential figure I saw on the silver screen, and the loss of years of laughs yet to come. I grieved for the man who died, a hero of my youth.

Today, however, I feel sorrow only for the man who made a living making other laugh, while himself living without the happiness he brought to so many. I feel for the comedian whose final act was a tragedy, who lived in pain for years. Perhaps he sought freedom in death, perhaps happiness, perhaps peace – I mourn for the person who was unable to find those things in life.

I didn’t write about Robin Williams at first because I didn’t know what to say. Like many others, I did not realize how much he was suffering, and even if I had, it is unlikely I could have changed anything. The truth is Robin Williams was a stranger to me, and while I can feel sorrow and regret or a life lost, there is little I could have done to change the outcome.

But there are so many people in my life for whom I can and will offer support. Please, please, please, if you’re suffering, know that I am here, willing to lend a crying shoulder, a listening ear, a helping hand. Don’t suffer in silence, or smile because you feel like you have to; I can promise that I will accept you as you are, no pretending necessary.

R.I.P. Robin Williams. You have been well loved, and will be well missed.


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