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What This Girl Wants

So I read a lot in July, or more accurately, I re-read a lot in July. Every so often, I make it a point to re-read the books of my childhood, and so I re-read some Laura Ingalls Wilder books,  Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Wuthering Heights, The Secret Garden, and Harry Potter. And as I did so many years ago, I fell desperately in love with the heroes of my childhood. There are so many wonderful fictional men I have adored that I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever find someone their equal in the real world.

I want an Almanzo. He took Laura for rides in his horse drawn vehicles for TWO AND A HALF YEARS, patiently letting her set the pace. Why can’t someone show up at my door every Sunday at 2:00 with a horse?

I want a Mr. Bhaer, a stately gentlemen who tries to do what’s best for me until he can deny his love no longer. I want someone who learns and enjoys learning, and enjoys teaching too; a man with a wealth of love, knowledge, and patience.

I want a Gilbert Blythe, who settles for friendship until his feelings run away with him; a man who will wait for me even when I don’t believe in my own feelings for him. I want a man who knows me well enough to know I have feelings for him, but lets me figure it out myself instead of shoving it in my face. I want a guy who tells his mother all about me, good, bad, and ugly.

I want a Paul (for I was Paul’s age when I first read Anne of Green Gables, and fell desperately in love with him then), who has glorious curly hair and is sweet, poetic, and imaginative while being totally manly too.

I want a Heathcliff, a person whose terrible matches my terrible. I want a love that is so passionate it’s destructive, so true it doesn’t care about what’s in it’s path, so lasting it stays even after everyone involved has given up.

I want a Colin; a boy who faced struggles, who was told that he couldn’t do so many things, and then did. A man who needs only a little persuading to be the best that he can be, who so badly wants to be good that he lets few obstacles into his path.

I want a Remus, who is so immensely good and flawed at the same time. I want a man who is too loyal for his own good, and carries chocolate about as a cure for various ailments.

I don’t know if this is the case for all readers, and I have no real complaints about my life, but I have often wondered if the real world could measure up to the many wonderful worlds I have lived in! Reading all these books was like jumping into my own childhood for several thousand pages, and I highly recommend it :)


Back in Black

This is not supposed to be a one month on one month off sort of thing. July turned out to be a crazy month, and I’m a Type B personality type, which means that I am not easily stressed and often delay doing this things unnecessarily.

This past month, a bunch of my friends moved, I read a ton of books, began taking yoga teacher training courses, went to New Mexico, and helped host a series of Indian Carnatic classical music workshops in my home. That’s not to mention that I started working out again for the first time in forever and made some much needed changed in my diet. And somehow, I managed to record not one moment of the entire month on this blog. I think part of the problem is that I have a binge/fast approach to this blog. One month I write a ton and the next I write nothing at all! And, like any binge/fast diet, it’s just not working. From now I’m going to try to hit 10 blog posts a month, and maintain that for as long as I can.

So stay tuned as I recap all of July, and start trying to making plans for August and the rest of the year!